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Date: 4 June 2009

Posted by: Yugo C


During the E3 Live Convention, we're so excited to see the latest development of Bioshock 2. This time we got a chance to see the first live demo of the highly anticipated multiplayer mode handled by a rep from Digital Extremes. Digital Extremes was the co-creator of the Unreal Tournament franchises, now handling the Multiplayer portion of Bioshock 2. What we witnessed from the multiplayer demo was Deathmatch that supports up to 10 players. The Deathmatch seems very basic, just running and shooting one another. What uniques about Bioshock 2 Deathmatch was when one of the players actually morphed into Big Daddy and another players can repair turrets (no complicated hacking puzzle involved) for defense platform and shoot incoming enemies.

Digital Extremes mentioned that there will be more multiplayer modes aside from Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. We can only wait more about Bioshock 2 before the released date in November 4 2009 and hope that Bioshock 2 Multiplayer will be as promising as its singleplayer.

Date: 19 May 2009                                               

Posted by: Yugo C

Bioshock 2 will be released sometime on Quarter 4, 2009. The exciting news about this game is that we, as the players, get the chance to explore another part of Rapture, the undersea metropolis, that we have not yet explored in the first Bioshock.

In Bioshock 2, you play the role as the first big daddy ever created, an enhanced version of the previous big daddy we know and loved. What is special about the  first big daddy is that he is able to think for himself and able to use plasmid.

You are also able to explore the ocean surrounding the Rapture. There are some major changes in how you treat the little sisters. The option this time is you can either "adopt" or "harvest" them. If you harvest little sisters, you will gather lots of ADAM from her and saves you from troubles of getting ADAM through "adopt", in consequences, you kill her and will gain bad karma. ADAM allows you to learn new skills and upgrade your plasmids. If you choose to adopt them you will gain good karma. You put little sister on your back. Carrying little sister allows you to see ADAM on dead people. If you choose to harvest them, little sister will come down from you and harvest it, leaving her vulnerable to the attracted mobs. It is your job to protect her from harm and it is not easy to do so.

You will also gain new weapons, tonics and plasmids in Bioshock 2, most notably the Big Daddy's drill. Mastering the use of drill may take sometime and essential for your survival as you will be attacked by groups of splicers almost all the time. As a Big Daddy, you can take a lot of punishment from physical/projectile damages, garden splicers will attack you in groups to bring you down. It is no surprise if you encounter splicers in large groups throughout the game. Aside from that, Bioshock 2 developer, 2K Marin, will not release any information regarding new weapons, tonics, and plasmids. One thing we know is that Plasmids and tonics can be used to create hundreds of combinations, that allows players to develop unique character that caters to their playing style.

One of your arch enemies will be "Big Sister" she is more powerful and agile than you, it will be tough challenge to take her down. She is also interested in taking little sisters from you for different purposes.

The amount of depth and complexity to the story and gameplay makes this game one of the most anticipated games for this year.



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