Damnation is a mixture between Prince of Persia and Gears of War that fails to achieve the same greatness and expectation

Overall Score          5.4

Some of the people might have no idea why I relate Damnation to Prince of Persia (PoP) or Gears of War (GeoW). Skip next paragraph if you know PoP and GeoW.

The similarity between Damnation and PoP is that it allows the main character to use walls and ledges as a platform to reach higher level of buildings or platform  in an acrobatic way or grabbing ladders hanging on a bottomless pit. When you reach to the top, it feels like you just climbed a skyscraper building. As for the similarity between Damnation and GeoW falls in the shooting gameplay. As you aim at enemies, the camera focuses above your shoulders for easier aiming. The weapon swapping to side-rolling is pretty much similar to GeoW.

It is entertaining and fun in when you try to reach your next destination by jumping from one building to another. The level design is quite breathtaking and complex. The complex movement that you are going to pull in Damnation are as complex as to mastering them through your controller. This drives off all the fun of playing the game. The developers of this game seemed hesitated to put more blood on the enemies as you blow their bodies into pieces. You will see arms, legs, and torso, flying everywhere but you do not see the blood splatters. The main character moves like a feather, you do not feel the bodyweight as you move and jump around. It lacks realism to the main character.

The shooting gameplay is excruciatingly dull. You do not feel enough power as you unleash the barrage of bullets. One point I want to note that the railway spike gun is very fun to use. You shoot a concentrated piercing spike into one enemy that creates high impact upon contact, the spike then drags him to the wall behind and the enemy dies like a hanging jacket. It is satisfying to watch as it is brutal. Some enemies can be very cheap. For example, when you climb the ladder there is an enemy waiting for you, with his shotgun, they shoot you before you can react.

The bike sequence are good. The ability to run the bike on the side of the wall makes you feel like you are defying the law of gravity in a stylish and entertaining way.

You can use "Spirit Vision" in Damnation,  it allows you to see your enemies ahead as well as your allies even through thick walls. This is a great skill that gives you an advantage before you encounter them.

The characters outfit looks very ridiculous. It does not represent the civil war custome.

The story of this game is as boring as the music during the shooting sequence. When you kill all the enemies in one area and you have to reach your next destination, there is no music at all! This is one of the main reasons that triggers your level of boredom up to the level where you feel like you want to shoot yourself.

The multiplayer gives players a freedom of navigation. One of the coolest thing is to shoot a player as they slide down using tight rope. As you jump your way to higher ground, you never know what lies beyond as well as below you. You might end up dead by a sniper whether they are on top or below you. You will spend more time dying while climbing than shooting other players face-to-face because to reach from the bottom level to the very top took enough time for other players to find you. Again, the shooting in multiplayer is as boring as the singleplayer ones. Not many players are playing multiplayer so you will spend more time waiting rather than playing.

All in all, this is a game that is worth the rent.

Reviewed by: Yugo C



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