This beloved expansion retains all the great Fallout 3 elements. However, having too few quests makes this game not worth buying

Overall Score      7.8

Warning! This game contains huge spoiler! If you haven't finished the original fallout 3 game, you will be exposed to see the ending!

Broken Steel took place two weeks after the event of original fallout 3, the water purifier has been released into the wasteland and everybody are happy, right? Wrong! this just raised many other problems that mostly involved in one of the deadly 7 sins: Greed. Greed is pretty much the main drive behinds all the quests of Broken Steel. You as a player once again explore the desert of piles and building debris that is known as wasteland.

The gameplay is pretty much similar to the original Fallout 3 with more quests and more weapons. One of the best feature in Broken Steel is that the level are raised from 20 to 30 with new perks. The level raise cap motivates you to explore some ruins that you haven't visited yet. This is a bad news for the players who explored everything in original Fallout 3, because Broken Steel does not give enough quests, including optional, to let you level up to 30. I will not spoil what the quests are, that is for you to figure it out. All I can say is that the quality of the quests still retains the original Fallout 3 charm.

Three dogs will say something new in this expansion, unfortunately no new songs are added. The new weapons are awesome and satisfying to shoot. One of the new weapons in Broken Steel, tesla cannon, will be the most powerful weapons in Fallout 3.

The "fun" aspect of this game can be viewed differently from Fallout 3 veterans. To veterans who explored and killed most of the creature in wasteland, the level of fun will be low. To veterans who have not explored most of the wasteland, the level of fun will be high.

With the level cap now raised to 30, this is the right time for you to not only complete Broken Steel quests but also to explore, to kill more enemies, to get exp, to raise your level to 30, and to learn new perks.

Reviewed by Yugo C



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