Sins of Solar Empire: Entrenchment is newer, better, and faster than its predecessor

Overall Score 8.5

This review is a little bit different than most of my previous game review, because I do not separately talked of their gameplay, graphic, sound, and replayability. Instead, all of these aspects are jam-packed into one whole review because it is expansion game. Sins of Solar Empire: Entrenchment (SSE:E) is a great minor expansion game with a noticeable improvement from the original game. SSE:E enhances its visual graphics to more realistic. It makes the game enriching and more satisfying experience.

One of the added feature is quick start button. It allows you to skip mundane process in constructing your first colony. For example, occupying mines are now automatically built and your first capital ship is now instantly build. SSE:E also offers new defense technology, most notably the deadly proximity mine and starbase defense. Proximity mine works just like you expected, it blows up as the enemies approaches. Starbases is high defense platform that can decimate several numbers of ships. The only catch is that you need to spend huge amount of resources to buff up your starbases.

This expansion might not quite appealing for new players because of the steep learning curve and the unnoticeable changes made in this expansion from the original. It is safe to say that SSE:E is a minor expansion that both new players and veteran players will enjoy for dozens of hours play.

Reviewed: Yugo C



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