The Sims 3 will shower you with never-ending fun, more customization, and less loading screen. This is a game that must be owned by new and veteran players.

Overall Score             9.6

Gameplay                  10.00

If you are new to the Sims, here is a quick walkthrough. The Sims 3 is virtual life simulator. You will control the life of your sims or all the members in a household. The Sims will ask you to fulfill their needs such as, bathing, emptying your bladder, eat, sleep, and watch TV. If you are evil enough, you have the power to not letting them emptying your bladder and watch them suffer. There is more to The Sims 3 than just fulfilling their needs. You can build and design their house, buy some cheap/expensive furniture, earn some money and get promoted from work. Like us, The Sims needs some friends, the way you want your sims to interact them is entirely depends on you. You can be nice or trying to pick a fight with them. However there will be consequences same as what you expected if you do that in real life. Basically, The Sims 3 is us in virtual world and we’re the know-it-all being that control their life.

The Sims 3 still has all its charms from its predecessors. What we know we hate about the Sims are now gone, for example, no longer will you suffer loading screen every time you go out shopping or walk in the park. Everything becomes seamless open neighborhood world. The Sims 3 also introduces new features, such as higher level of personality customization that opens up infinite possibilities to create unique individuals.  As you set the personality you desire towards your sims, you can use it as part of your advantage to befriended strangers more quickly and earn extra money. For example, if you spend your talent on Computer Whiz, there will be an extra action showed up in your interaction balloon like computer hack and earn extra money. If you keep spending your time to fulfill your sims traits (like hacking computer), he/she wants to do more and get better at.

Veteran sims will notice that some important call services such as maid, are now more expensive. You can go to groceries to shop food supplies or take cooking lesson at nearby restaurant for a fee. You don’t need to call taxi from your phone anymore wherever you want to go. Just zoom out of the map, select your destination, and your sims will travel there automatically. Interaction between sims and showing their frustration or delight still charming as it is funny. If you forgot to pay your bills, you will be reminded and you can choose to pay your bills automatically, instead of trying to find where you put your bills at. Too bad

Graphic                  9.0

The Sims 3 world is very beautiful. If you zoom in to your sims, you can see their expression, laugh, anger, and cry in a very detailed way. As you zoom out to the map, you will see cute interaction bubbles swirf as your car drive pass on them, lush green trees, and detailed sim-city like buildings. The graphic of the Sims 3 is enough to remind you that you’re not playing the Sims 2. Despite the flexibility of creating unique sims appearance from fat to slim or good-looking to ugly, the choices are too limited.

Sound                    9.5

 The way the Sims communicate between each other using their unique language called Simlish alone is enough to make you smile. The audio standards from the Sims 3 are top-notched, the official Sims 3 theme, the music played during buy/sell items, and the song the Sims listening are very good.

Replayability                     10.0

The infinite possibility of creating unique personality will define the way you play the game and the way the Sims live. The countless amounts of lifetime wishes you wish to achieve is the hallmark of this game’s never-ending fun. You will play this game for countless of hours, and you will forget how much time has passed. So get your breakfast, lunch, dinner meal set (or possibly sweet devilish treats) in front of your computer because this game will glue your eyes to your monitor and your fingers to your mouse.

Reviewed by Yugo C



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