Velvet Assassin's dark storyline and atmosphere are not enough to overshadow its repetitive gameplay, although it may appeal to avid stealth fans

Overall Score              6.0

Gameplay                             4.0

Velvet Assassin had a lot of potential of what a good game suppose to be. I personally disappointed that one of my most anticipated game turns out to be as boring as watching bunch of snails running marathon field. However, not every aspect of this game are bad, most notably the dark, creepy environment setting. The way they use the lightings are flawless, it blends perfectly between the shadow and the light which provides a very sensitive, vibrant environment that reacts to your stealth level. Lightings are very important aspect of stealth game and sets your mood in the right context, and the developers of this game able to capture it perfectly. As you progress through next level, you began to realize how repetitive this game is. All you had to do is hide and kill unsuspecting/suspecting guards and progress to next room. Occasionally you have to be creative and adaptive to your environment, like turn the lights off, shoot explosive barrels, and pull the grenade trigger off from unsuspecting guards. However, such attempts are hardly patch up from the repetitiveness ad-nausea. Enthusiastic stealth fans might love this game even though I could not guarantee.

This game also allows you to gain experience which you can upgrade your main character to better sneaking or add more health. Throughout the level, you can find collectible items that acts as experience and pretty-to-view. Personally, I hardly ever tried to collect all of the collectibles because I was filled with black cloud of boredom. After completing this game, you may not feel like going back and play this game again because you know the story and you do not want to experience the repetitiveness again. I say that this is the game that is worth to rent for, but not worth to buy for. Unless you are avid stealth fans and stealth game collectors.

Graphic                                  8.0

As a stealth-based game, lighting plays an important role and the developer captures this essence perfectly. The blending of light and shadow are perfectly woven and the detailed characters and the environment are icing on the cake, making this game as one of the pretty visual games up to this day. Too bad that the opponents that you just killed does not leave trails of blood where they fall. I know I sound very picky, but at least show some blood on the victims neck or on their clothes. It is like every of the Nazi guard uses ungodly high liquid absorbent clothes that just sucked all of the blood before they fall to the ground.

Sound                                    9.0

I praised on the audio they used in this game. The music on the background while you're stalking really heightens up your mood and adds another level of the creepiness. When you're spotted by the guards the music changed to more upbeat and occasionally startled you when your assassination attempt failed. This is the reason why this game has so much potential, I hope that when they make another stealth game, they keep the same level of intensity and more appealing gameplay.

Replay                                   3.0

I was planning to give zero because of the level of repetitiveness are ungodly and unbearable. I added 3 points because this game offers collectibles items and experience points you can spent on your character. Although it is not appealing, but at least it is there.


Reviewed by Yugo C



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